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Accessories for Pipettes Reference® 2

RFID reader TrackIT
Manage your Eppendorf pipettes with Eppendorf TrackIt. Instantly know the essential information of each pipette without searching the pipette in the whole lab. Eppendorf pipettes have a data chip molded in that can be read or edited by the TrackIt reader. All information is centrally stored in the TrackIt Software and can automatically be transferred in your lab data base.
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Accessories for Pipettes Reference® 2  Eppendorf
TypePipette accessoriesPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Pipette Carousel 2* for 6 Eppendorf Research®, Research® plus, Reference®, Reference®carrousel15444701-0011on demand 
RFID reader TrackIT + softwareno indication154343841on demand 
* Additional pipette holders are optionally available.

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