Pipettes Reference® 2, Variable

The Eppendorf Reference® 2 boasts the proven characteristics of the 'Reference' such as highest precision and accuracy, a long service life and an ergonomic design with its innovative state of the art technology; making it a reliable partner for you and your demanding work.

Eppendorf TrackIT
  • Embedded RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the pipette.
  • RFID reader with software optionally available.

Multi-channel version
  • Channel indicator guarantees a continuously identical pipette alignment during the work process.
  • Spring-loaded tip cone for reproducible tip fit and reduced effort (to be switched on / off optionally).

More sizes
  • Increased range of variable single-channel pipettes: volumes 5 and 10 ml.

Single-button operation
  • Ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort.
  • Simple and quick tip ejection with active aerosol reduction.

Special surface
  • Few rough edges.
  • Smooth surface for comfortable working and simple cleaning.

Additional advantages
  • Colour coded and volume labeled for quick identification of the volume- / tip size.
  • Round upper part makes it possible to work in every position.
  • 4-digit display for exact volume setting (clearly visible from every angle).
  • Quick and secure volume setting, incl. volume lock.
  • Fully autoclavable.
  • Movable parts and external edges made from st. steel equip the pipette with outstanding robustness at potential impact sites and for internal components.
Eppendorf  Pipettes Reference® 2, Variable
Eppendorf  Pipettes Reference® 2, VariableEppendorf  Pipettes Reference® 2, Variable    
TypeContentsOperating button colourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Single-channel pipette, GLP version0.1 to 2.5 μldark grey154450251329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version0.5 to 10 μlmedium grey154450261329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version2 to 20 μllight grey154450271329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version2 to 20 μlyellow154450281329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version10 to 100 μlyellow154450291329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version20 to 200 μlyellow154450301329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version30 to 300 μlorange154450311329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version100 to 1000 μlblue154450321329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version0.25 to 2.5 mlred154450331329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version0.5 bis 5 mlpurple154450341329.00Order
Single-channel pipette, GLP version1 bis 10 mlturquoise154450351329.00Order
8-channel pipette, GLP version0.5 to 10 μlmedium grey154450361925.00Order
8-channel pipette, GLP version10 to 100 μlyellow154450371925.00Order
8-channel pipette, GLP version30 to 300 μlorange154450381925.00Order
12-channel pipette, GLP version0.5 to 10 μlmedium grey1544503911,012.00Order
12-channel pipette, GLP version10 to 100 μlyellow1544504011,012.00Order
12-channel pipette, GLP version30 to 300 μlorange1544504211,012.00Order
Variable single-channel pipettes are supplied with an epT.I.P.S. box (except 2.5, 5 and 10 ml).
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