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BMP™ 51 Label Printers

Compact, versatile portable printer with built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing. This label maker has a 300 dpi print head and can print professional, durable labels up to 38.10 mm wide. Powerful printer for on-the-job label making.
  • Ideal for electrical, datacom, facility / safety, product and panel manufacturing and laboratory labelling applications.
  • It prints on continuous and die-cut materials at a speed of 25.40 mm / s.
  • With a built-in cutter.
  • Easy top-loading cartridges.
  • Single colour.
  • 3 different options for battery power.
  • Due to the optional software LabelMark™, the printer provides barcode symbols, time- / date stamp, import of graphics, automatic data serialisation etc.
  • Incl. lithium ion battery and AC adapter / battery charger EU.
Technical Data:
Printing technology:thermal transfer
Print resolution:300 dpi
Printing speed:25.40 mm / s
Max. labels per day:250
Power supply:lithium ion rechargeable battery and AC power
PC connections:USB, bluetooth
optionally ethernet, Wi-Fi
Bandwidths:continuous from 9.53 to 38.00 mm, different die cut label sizes
Max. label width:38.00 mm
Max. print width:36.00 mm
Length of label roll:up to 7.62 m
Front size:4 to 196 points
BMP™ 51 Label Printers  BRADY®
TypeWeightDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
label printer1400.00BMP™51 printer, stand-alone operation, full QWERTY keyboard154343451495.002Order
2: plus additional transport cost

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