Ludwig Schneider
Hydrometers acc. to Baumé

Hydrometers made of high-quality plastics (PC). Each hydrometer is accurately adjusted, passes strict quality control and is marked with its individual serial number. Therefore, the determined values are traceable to the measurement device.
  • Breakage protected (no glass breakage).
  • Fully made of resistant PC.
  • High transparency (like glass) - easy-to-read scales.
  • High precision and reproducibility.
  • Suitable for applications in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as many others.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Optional works certificates.
  • Optional calibration possible: can be used as test medium within quality management systems with the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability.
Ludwig Schneider  Hydrometers acc. to Baumé
Measuring range BéScale division BéLength mmTemperature °CPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0 to 250.23001515434231192.00Order
0 to 120.22501515434232192.00Order
9 to 210.22501515434233192.00Order
19 to 310.22501515434234192.00Order
29 to 410.22501515434235192.00Order
39 to 510.22501515434236192.00Order
49 to 610.22501515434237192.00Order
59 to 710.23001515434238192.00Order
0 to 120.22502015434239192.00Order
9 to 210.22502015434240192.00Order
19 to 310.22502015434241192.00Order
29 to 410.22502015434242192.00Order
39 to 510.22502015434243192.00Order
49 to 610.22502015434244192.00Order
59 to 710.22502015434245192.00Order