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Laboratory Notebooks
Heathrow Scientific

For recording research data, experimental procedures and design ideas: use these notebooks to keep information safe and well organised. Numbered, acid-free pages inculde spaces for title, project number, book number, date and witness signature. Lined notebooks feature college-ruled pages for easy report writing. Covers for all versions are waterproof and chemical-resistant. All notebooks contain periodic and conversation tables in the back. US letter format 216 x 279 mm.
Laboratory Notebooks  Heathrow Scientific
TypeColourPackungPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Checkedblack100 St.15437527128.16Order
Checkedblue200 St.15437528135.15Order
Linedblack100 St.15444958127.09Order
Linedred200 St.15437529134.26Order

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