Pipette Rinsing Systems

  • Trouble-free and gentle cleaning of pipettes with repetitive syphon rinsing.
  • Water supply connection via hose nozzle, outer Ø 12 mm.
  • Adjust the water flow to approx. 2 l / min.

The complete cleaning system consists of a rinsing apparatus, a soaking jar and a pipette basket. Please order each component separately.
Inside Ø~mm150
BRAND  Pipette Rinsing Systems
DescriptionFor pipette length mmCapacity lBase-Ø x height mmPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
Rinsing apparatus46013315 x 740154092381 on demand 
Rinsing apparatus60017315 x 1000154092391 239.00Order
Soaking jar46010240 x 510152739201 101.25Order
Soaking jar60012.5240 x 660152739251 112.65Order
Pipette basket (height incl. handle: 495 mm)360 145 x 280152739801 on demand 
Pipette basket (height incl. handle: 645 mm)460 145 x 280152739851 on demand 
Pipette basket (height incl. handle: 870 mm)600 145 x 280152739901 on demand