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GL Bellows

PTFE. 2 screw caps made of PPS with GL thread and a PTFE / FPM gasket, Bellow with sharp folds made of PTFE. Bellow can be bent up to an angle of 120°, flexible and strainless connection.
Technical Data:
Temperature resistance:- 200 to + 250 °C
Chemical resistance:+++ universal
Core~[NS]no indication
Hülse~[NS]no indication
GL Bellows  Bohlender
TypeGewindeMin. length [mm]Max. length [mm]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Ground JointGL 2558.00104.00154335781111.82Order
Ground Joint[_19/15_]58.0090.00154335791126.79Order
Ground JointGL 4567.00115.00154335801139.28Order

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