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Easypet® 3 Pipetting Aid

For works in tissue culture labs. Complete speed control with highest precision at the same time. Pipetting speed is controlled simply with the tips of your fingers while allowing to experience more sensitive control of the meniscus. Optimised gravity drain option that allows for easy dispensing of liquid without splashing.
  • A powerful motor allows to speed up large volume pipetting and can be used with all types of pipettes from volumes of 0.1 to 100 ml.
  • Lightweight, well-balanced: sits comfortably in the hand and allows for fatigue-free pipetting.
  • Ergonomic design: with hand rest and removable shelf stand which enables the unit to be set down without contaminating the attached pipette.
  • Smooth setting of pump speed.
  • Lithium-polymer battery offers long cordless runtime charge and no battery memory effect problems.
  • Battery status display.
  • Operation is possible during recharging.
  • Autoclavable pipette adapter for sterile applications.
  • Quick release aspirating cone for easy exchange of membrane filters.
  • Pressure equalisation system prevents aspirated vapours from entering the device and causing corrosion.

Items supplied:
Easypet® 3 pipetting aid, power supply, wall mounting device, shelf stand, 2 membrane filters (unsterile) 0.45 µm.
Easypet® 3 Pipetting Aid  Eppendorf
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