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Multipette® M4

The Multipette® M4 facilitates and speeds up the processing of long pipetting series. The absorbed liquid can be released up to 100 times, without the need to refill the tip. Also hard to pipette liquids can be processed without any problems.
  • Clear and easy to read display: stress-free and intuitive working.
  • Integrated sleep-function switches off the Multipette® M4 when it is not used and allows for a battery saving energy consumption.
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed.
  • Perfectly balanced for fatigue-free working.
  • Integrated step counter.
  • Central Combitip® ejection with a control lever allows for one-hand operation.
  • Easy, variable volume setting from µl to 10 ml.
  • Automatic Combitip® recognition and volume display.
Max. Volumen10.00 ml
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Multipette® M4  Eppendorf
Min. VolumenTypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
1.00Multipette® M4incl. wall holder and / or carousel stand154335121384.00Order
1.00Multipette® M4 starter kitincl. Combitip® rack, Combitip advanced® mixed pack154335131395.00Order
1.00Multipette® M4 basic*only available upon return of a manual hand dispenser154335111234.00Order
* Trade-Up Offer: when returning a defective dispenser of the Multipette® or Multipette® plus, we will supply the successor model Multipette® M4 BASIC.
Pipette calibration / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette service and repair / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration, repair and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM

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