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Conical Ground Joint Stoppers

PP. Hollow, with sealing ribs and square grip. Autoclavable at 121 °C.
Stopper type[_117/2_]
Conical Ground Joint Stoppers  BRAND
Upper Ø [mm]MaterialPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
7.00PP1052301071 10.00Order
10.00PP1052301101 10.00Order
12.00PP1052301121 11.00Order
14.00PP1052301141 11.50Order
19.00PP1052301191 13.50Order
24.00PP552301241 7.25Order
29.00PP1052301291 20.50Order
45.00PELD152301451 3.10Order
60.00PELD152301601 on demand 
34.00PELD154300911 2.60Order
* PELD with octagonal grip.

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