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ClipTip Pipettes Tips
Thermo Scientific

  • ClipTip pipette tips feature 'clips' that lock tips in place and forms a complete seal.
  • Every ClipTip pipette tip utilises low retention technology to enable max. sample recovery.
  • Certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP and endotoxin contamination.
  • ClipTip reload system uses recycled components and 30 % less plastic.
  • Versatile tip range.
  • CE-marked in accordance with IVD Directive in Europe.
  • Each tip insert has ink-jetted lot and volume information; the convenient colour key makes it easy to match the colour of the F1-ClipTip pipette plunger cap with the corresponding ClipTip pipette tip rack insert.
  • Certifications: manufactured acc. to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.
Purity gradeno indication
DNAse / RNAse-freeyes
ClipTip Pipettes Tips  Thermo Scientific
TypeMin. VolumenMax. VolumenLength [mm]SterileFilter tipFarbcodePackungPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Pipette tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00nonopinkrack of 96 tips9605433083153.50Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00yesnopinkrack of 96 tips9605433084169.30Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00nonopinkreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433085150.00Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00yesnopinkreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433086164.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00yesyespinkrack of 96 tips9605433087181.50Order
Filter tips ClipTip 201.0020.0046.00yesyespinkreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433088177.10Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00nonovioletrack of 96 tips9605433089153.50Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00yesnovioletrack of 96 tips9605433090169.30Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00nonovioletreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433091150.00Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00yesnovioletreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433092164.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00yesyesvioletrack of 96 tips9605433093181.50Order
Filter tips ClipTip 505.0050.0051.00yesyesvioletreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433094177.10Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00nonoyellowrack of 96 tips9605433095153.80Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00yesnoyellowrack of 96 tips9605433096169.80Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00nonoyellowreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433097150.00Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00yesnoyellowreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433098164.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00yesyesyellowrack of 96 tips9605433099181.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 20010.00200.0056.00yesyesyellowreload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433100178.30Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00nonoorangerack of 96 tips9605433101153.50Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00yesnoorangerack of 96 tips9605433102169.80Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00nonoorangereload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433103150.00Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00yesnoorangereload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433104164.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00yesyesorangerack of 96 tips9605433105181.10Order
Filter tips ClipTip 30030.00300.0063.00yesyesorangereload stacks of 96 tips / insert9605433106177.10Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00nonobluerack of 96 tips7685433107158.90Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00yesnobluerack of 96 tips7685433108175.90Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00nonobluereload stacks of 96 tips / insert7685433109155.20Order
Pipette tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00yesnobluereload stacks of 96 tips / insert7685433110169.30Order
Filter tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00yesyesbluerack of 96 tips7685433111187.60Order
Filter tips ClipTip 1000100.001000.0095.00yesyesbluereload stacks of 96 tips / insert7685433112185.10Order
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