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Stand Magnifying Glasses varioLED flex

The varioLEDflex stand magnifier combines sharply contoured, distortion-free optical magnification with homogeneous, shadow-free illumination to provide the optimum conditions for carrying out highly detailed work using both hands and with an exceptional level of flexibility. The ergonomically shaped handle, a flexible goosneck stand with a smooth action and the lens which also tilts in 2 directions, ensure easy and precise adjustment of the magnifier head to suit individual requirements. Depending an the specific task, the user can also switch between shadow-free ring illumination and segment illumination which produces a beam of light.

  • Flexible LED illumination: choice of shadow-free ring illumination or precise segment illumination.
  • Max. illumination: ILG-Optic (Intelligent Light Guide-Optic) provides optimum light concentration and creates a homogeneous, shadow-free cone of light.
  • High level of illumination provided by 63 long-life SMD LEDs.
  • Flexible and comfortable to use: lightweight, with compact dimensions, biaxial lens mounting and flexible gooseneck design with smooth action.
  • Inuitive, precise use due to comfortable gooseneck stand and ergonomic magnifier handle.
  • Very easy to clean: gooseneck stand can be easily cleaned or disinfected.
  • Low energy consumption: this economical magnifier has a power requirement of only 5 W and the light has a service life of approx. 50000 h.

  • Large field of view with 76 mm lens Ø and 2.5 x magnification / 6 dpt.
  • Sharply contoured, distortion-free PXM® aspheric lens.
  • cera-tec® coated.

  • Illumination level: approx. 6000 lx (at a working distance of 150 mm).
  • Illumination near point for shadow-free illumination: 35 mm.
  • ILG-Optic provides 50 % greater illumination efficiency.
Stand Magnifying Glasses varioLED flex  Eschenbach
VergrößerungTypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
2.50varioLED flex 2.5 xstand length 350 mm154374511475.00Order
2.50varioLED flex XL 2.5 xstand length 600 mm154374521518.00Order

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