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Stirrer Bearings

Sealing rings on these bearings ensure a perfect sealing. The ground joint no longer sticks, danger of breaking is reduced and the cone can be removed easily from the socket. A special gasket made of PTFE and an FPM o-ring which is compressed by a GL screw cap provide a good sealing of the stirrer shaft. This gasket can be exchanged after wearing.

Suitable for vacuum, perfect bearing for st. steel, glass and BOLA stirrer shafts.
Technical Data:
Temperature resistance:- 200 to + 250 °C
Chemical resistance:+++ universal
Stirrer Bearings  Bohlender
Stirrer Bearings  Bohlender
Stirrer Bearings  Bohlender
Cone NSFor stirrer shaft Ø mmTotal length approx. mmThread of screw thread GLPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
19 / 266631815428273131.53Order
19 / 268652515428274129.29Order
24 / 298692515428275135.28Order
24 / 2910702515428276142.82Order
29 / 326721815428277133.11Order
29 / 328742515428278131.86Order
29 / 3210722515428279130.10Order
45 / 4010802515428280138.73Order
45 / 4016863215428281144.57Order

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