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Infrared Thermometer testo 835-H1

Fast, accurate infrared measuring instruments for trade and industry. Application are e. g. monitoring wall temperature and humidity, inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems, the maintenance of industrial systems or the quality control of industrially manufactured products.

Especially suitable for monitoring the temperature of objects that are small, moving, difficult to access or extremely hot. The many features increase the room for manoeuvre, for example in the building trade when carrying out surface moisture measurement via infrared, or in the metal, glass and ceramics industry when measuring temperatures up to 1500 °C.
  • Measure safely and accurately even at high temperatures.
  • 4-point laser shows the exact measuring range, preventing incorrect measurements.
  • Safe measurements from a long distance, thanks to 50 : 1 optics.
  • Integrated emissivity measurement for absolute measuring reliability.
  • Convenient menu guidance with icons and joystick.
  • Measuring value and location memory and data analysis on the PC with free PC software 'EasyClimate'.
  • 2 years warranty.
Technical Data:
Emissivity table:
0.10 to 1.00 (steps 0.01)
20 values storable
Laser spot:
on / off
200 values storable
Alarm (upper / lower limit):
Alarm signal:
IR temperature, TC temperature
audible, optical
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
- 20 to + 50 °C
- 30 to + 50 °C
Material housing:
193 x 166 x 63 mm
Weight:514 g
Battery type:3 batteries type AA (or USB operating with PC-software)
Battery life:25 h (typical 25 °C without laser and backlight)
10 h (typical 25 °C without backlight)
dot matrix
EN 61326-1:2006
Auto-off (disabled for continuous measurement and USB connection):backlight: 30 s
instrument: 120 s
Special instrument with integrated humidity module. Use its unique, patented infrared surface moisture measurement feature to detect the risk of mould in building fabrics early enough, measure humidity or check the dew point distance, for example.
  • Infrared temperature measuring instrument, 4-point laser marking, measurement data administration, PC software, humidity module, incl. batteries and calibration protocol.
Sensor type infrared:
Optics:50 : 1 (distance of 2.0 m to measuring object typically) and opening Ø of the sensor (24 mm)
Measuring spot marking:4 point laser
Spectral range:8 to 14 µm
Measuring range:- 30 to + 600 °C
Accuracy (± 1 digit):± 2.5 °C (- 30.0 to - 20.1 °C)
± 1.5 °C (- 20.0 to - 0.1 °C)
± 1.0 °C (0 to + 99.9 °C)
± 1 % of mv (remaining range)
Resolution:0.1 °C
Sensor type K (NiCr-Ni):
Measuring range:- 50 to + 600 °C
Accuracy (± 1 digit):± (- 0.5 to + 0.5 % of mv)
Resolution:0.1 °C
Sensor type testo humidity sensor, cap.:
Measuring range:0 to 100 % rh
Accuracy (± 1 digit):± 2 % rh
± 0.5 °C
Resolution:0.1 °C
0.1 % rh
0.1 °Ctd
Infrared Thermometer testo 835-H1  testo
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