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Accessories for Drying- and Incineration Systems prepASH® Series 340

Provides efficient and convenient weighing of multiple samples in the lab. It helps to create a more flexible time schedule for the analyses and as a result increase the number of analyses per day. The prepSTATION will assist you in convenient error-free measurements of the initial sample weight. It registers weight of crucibles and samples in the sample list and transfers these values to the prepASH® for further calculation of results. Incl. prepSTATION unit, analytical balance EP120 A with sensor draft shield, data cable RJ45 / 0.7 m for the connection of prepSTATION with the balance.

Scrubber B-414:
Condensation-absorption unit for the sulphated ashing application. No manual fuming of toxic and irritating sulfurc acid. Automatic fuming of sulfuric acid within closed prepASH® condensing and washing of the gases in the attached scrubber. Scrubber B-414 consists of condenser, receiving vessel, neutralisation stage, adsorption stage.
Accessories for Drying- and Incineration Systems prepASH® Series 340  Precisa
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
prepSTATION external weighing station-154328641on demand 
Scrubber B-414 condensation-absorption unit-154328651on demand 
Turn-table 29 / 19, SiC30 / 20 crucibles, for prepASH® 229 / 219154328661on demand 
Turn-table 12, SiC13 crucibles, for prepASH® 229 / 219 / 212154328671on demand 
Turn-table holderst. steel, for prepASH® 229 / 219154328681on demand 
Cruciblesilicate ceramic, 35 ml154328691on demand 
CrucibleAl2O3, 30 ml154328701on demand 
Crucibles for use with lidAl2O3, 26 ml, with turn-table 29 / 19 and lid154328711on demand 
Crucible lidAl2O3, protection against spattering of the specimen or its oxidation154328721on demand 
Standard cruciblesilicate ceramic, 40 ml554328731on demand 
Adapter for standard cruciblessilicate ceramic554328741105.00Order

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