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pH Indicators and Test Papers

  • Instant pH readings.
  • Accurate for a wide range of routine pH testing.
  • Convenient and portable for field use.

Strips type CF:
Individual plastic support strips carry four different segments of dye-impregnated indicator papers. The resulting combination of colour differences gives an extremely clear and accurate visual pH value. All the dyes are chemically bonded to the paper and cannot be leached into solution; problems associated with contamination of the sample and resultant anomalous readings are avoided.

Dispensers type TC:
The strip has 3 separate indicator dye colour bands. The combination of colour change resulting from each test is compared with the colour-coded comparison chart, printed on the dispenser, giving improved speed and accuracy in reading.

Lead acetate test paper:
Used for detecting hydrogen sulfide, this rapid qualitative test paper when wetted with distilled water can detect as little as 5 ppm of H2S in the atmosphere or in a gas stream. Hydrogen peroxide can be detected with this paper by preblackening the paper in H2S. Concentrations as low as 4 ppm can be detected.
TypeDescriptionpH rangepH unit graduationSizePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Indicator paper CFnon-bleeding0 to 141.06 x 80 mm15428788116.25Order
Indicator paper CFnon-bleeding4.5 to 10.00.56 x 80 mm15428789116.02Order
Plastic reel TC3 colours1.0 to 11.0110 mm x 5 m15428787119.97Order
Test paper dispenser, reellead acetate--7 mm x 50 m15428786116.49Order

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