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Cytiva Filter Circles, Qualitative, Grade 541

Fast filtration of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates in acid / alkali solutions during gravimetric analysis. Typical applications incl. fibre in animal foodstuffs, gelatine in milk and cream, chloride in cement and chloride and phosphorous in coal and coke.
Particle retention in liquid:20 to 25 µm
Filtration speed Herzberg:34 s
Ash content:< 0.006 %
Typical thickness:155 µm
Basis weight:82 g / m2
Filter typefilter circle
Filtration time~[s]3.00
TypeHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Grade 54142.501005428663118.39Order
Grade 54147.001005428664119.57Order
Grade 54155.001005428665120.57Order
Grade 54170.001005428666120.51Order
Grade 54190.001005428668130.71Order
Grade 541110.001005428669140.86Order
Grade 541125.001005428670148.28Order
Grade 541150.001005428671170.50Order
Grade 541185.0010054286721109.28Order
Grade 541240.0010054286731174.00Order
Grade 541270.00154286741on demand 
Grade 541320.0010054286751318.00Order
Grade 541400.00154286761on demand 
Particle retention rating at 98 % efficiency.
Ash is determined by ignition of the cellulose filter at 900 °C in air.

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