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Cytiva Filter Circles, Qualitative, Grade 50

Retention of very fine crystalline precipitates. The thinnest of all Whatman filter papers. Slow flow rate. Hardened and highly glazed surface. This finish also keeps the paper free from loose surface fibres. Highly suitable for qualitative or quantitative filtrations requiring vacuum assistance on Büchner or 3-piece filter funnels. Will withstand wet handling and precipitate removal by scraping. In the electronics industry, the virtual absence of fiber shedding is utilised in carriers for integrated circuits. - Very strong when wet. - Hardened low ash grades.
Particle retention in liquid:2.7 µm
Filtration speed Herzberg:2685 s
Ash content:0.015 %
Typical thickness:115 µm
Basis weight:97 g / m2
Filter typefilter circle
Filtration time~[s]144.00
TypeHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Grade 5042.501005428637118.19Order
Grade 5055.001005428638121.17Order
Grade 5070.001005428639123.13Order
Grade 5090.001005428640126.99Order
Grade 50110.001005428641130.28Order
Grade 50125.001005428642135.32Order
Grade 50150.001005428643154.38Order
Grade 50185.001005428644172.78Order
Grade 50240.0010054286451121.98Order
Grade 50320.0010054286461230.00Order
Grade 50500.0010054286481462.00Order
Ash is determined by ignition of the cellulose filter at 900 °C in air.

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