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Mini-UniPrep™ G2 Pre-Assembled Filtration Devices

Mini-UniPrep™ G2 syringeless filters are preassembled filtration units for removal of particulates from low volume liquid samples. They are primarily designed for sample preparation prior to High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) / Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC). They replace syringe filters, syringes and autosampler vials / septa / caps with a single, disposable unit.

Each unit consists of 2 parts: a glass chamber and a plunger with an inner glass reservoir. The design incorporates a filtration membrane on one end of the plunger and a preattached septum cap on the other. By pressing the plunger through a liquid sample contained in the chamber, positive pressure forces the filtrate into the inner reservoir of the plunger. Air escapes through the vent hole until the evaporation seal is engaged, which then provides an airtight seal. The assembled unit can be used with any autosampler that takes standard 12 x 32 mm profile vials.
  • Constructed with borosilicate glass, designed to maintain the purity of the sample by reducing the exposure of sample solvent to plastic components, which can potentially contaminate the sample.
  • Amber colourant prevents photodegradation of light sensitive samples (e. g. catecholamines, vitamins). Same colourant used in pharmaceutical containers designed to meet USP specifications for light resistance. Translucent amber chamber and plunger enable easy visual inspection.
  • Slit septum cap enables Mini-UniPrep™ G2 use with current robotics on HPLC instruments for high throughput automation. Durable yet flexible slit septum cap has been specially designed for instruments with sensitive sampling needs. Sample evaporation is minimal.
Mini-UniPrep™ filtering media:
Nylon (NYL) for:aqueous / organic samples in 3 to 10 pH range
Polypropylene (PP) for:general filtration media / solvent based samples
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for:chemically aggressive solutions
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for:aqueous / organic solvents, low non-specific protein binding media
Technical Data:
Dimensions (L x W x H):240 x 155 x 110 mm
TypeMaterialPorengrößeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Mini-UniPrep™ G2PVDF0.20standard cap, translucent housing154325541430.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2PVDF0.45standard cap, translucent housing154325551430.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2PTFE0.20standard cap, translucent housing154325561430.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2PTFE0.45standard cap, translucent housing154325571430.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2PP0.20standard cap, translucent housing154325581430.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPVDF0.20standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325601436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPVDF0.45standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325611436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPVDF0.20standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325621436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPTFE0.45standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325631436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPP0.20standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325641436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packnylon0.20standard cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325651436.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPTFE0.45split septum cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325661456.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPTFE0.20split septum cap, translucent housing, with hand compressor154325671456.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPTFE0.20standard cap, amber housing, with hand compressor154325681456.00Order
Mini-UniPrep™ G2 starter packPVDF0.20standard cap, amber housing, with hand compressor154325691456.00Order

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