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Folded Filters, Qualitative, Grade 0858 ½

Grained, with medium fast flow rate and medium retention. A universal filter paper, used for the filtration of extracts, oils, beer, syrups etc., also applied in filter presses or for the aspiration of liquids.
Description:medium fast, grained
Particle retention in liquid:7 to 12 µm
Filtration speed herzberg:approx. 55 s
Typical thickness:170 µm
Basis weight:75 g / m2
Filter typefolded filter
Filtration time~[s]55.00
Folded Filters, Qualitative, Grade 0858 ½  Cytiva
TypeHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Grade 0858150.001005428561133.56Order
Grade 0858185.001005428562139.32Order
Grade 0858240.001005428563157.10Order
Grade 0858270.001005428564171.75Order
Grade 0858320.001005428565190.17Order
Particle retention: approx. values.

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