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Horizontal Floor-Standing Autoclaves H Series

Standard features:
  • Integrated, separate steam generator.
  • Housing, support frame and pressure vessel made of corrosion-resistant st. steel.
  • Temperature and pressure range 140 °C, 4 bar.
  • Touch-screen control.
  • Number of sterilisation programmes: up to 100.
  • Code-secured access rights for changing parameters and further safety-relevant intervention.
  • Internal memory for storing up to 500 sterilisation cycles.
  • Timer for starting programmes.
  • Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor.
  • Additional temperature sensor in condense exhaust.
  • Temperature holding function for liquids after programme finish.
  • Special programme for Durham tubes.
  • Calculation of F0 value.
  • Special programme for waste sterilisation with pulsed heat-up for more efficient air exhaust.
  • Water-cooled steam exhaust, thermostatically controlled.
  • Programmable automatic door-opening on completion of programme.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces for external data transmission (network-compatible).
A new dimension in design and technology. Specially designed for the requirements in laboratories, these autoclaves make sterilisation processes safe, accurate, reproducible and validatable.

Autoclaves of the performance category HX can be used for all laboratory applications, even for sophisticated sterilisation processes. All additional optional accessories can be fitted to obtain validatable processes.

In spite of the high loading capacity, these autoclaves are compact and have a comparatively low weight.
Systec  Horizontal Floor-Standing Autoclaves H Series
Systec  Horizontal Floor-Standing Autoclaves H Series
Systec  Horizontal Floor-Standing Autoclaves H Series
TypeklappbarKammervol., nominalKammerinnendurchmesserKammertiefeBreiteTiefeHöheGewichtStromstärkePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Systec HX-6570.0065.00400.00500.00690.00910.001430.00230.0016.00154373481on demand 
Systec HX-9095.0090.00400.00700.00690.001110.001430.00250.0016.00154373491on demand 
Systec HX-100110.00100.00500.00500.00790.00930.001530.00250.0016.00154373501on demand 
Systec HX-150160.00150.00500.00750.00790.001180.001530.00275.0016.00154373511on demand 
Systec HX-200210.00200.00500.001000.00790.001430.001530.00290.0016.00154373521on demand 
Systec HX-210280.00210.00740.00500.00930.001035.001683.00540.0032.00154373531on demand 
Systec HX-320385.00320.00740.00750.00930.001285.001683.00555.0032.00154373541on demand 
Systec HX-430495.00435.00740.001000.00930.001535.001683.00605.0032.00154373551on demand 
Systec HX-540602.00540.00740.001250.00930.001785.001683.00638.0032.00154373561on demand 
Systec HX-650710.00650.00740.001500.00930.002035.001683.00705.0032.00154373571on demand 
Systec HX-580755.00580.001000.00750.001255.001450.001850.00810.0032.00154373581on demand 
Systec HX-780950.00780.001000.001000.001255.001700.001850.00850.0032.00154373591on demand 
Systec HX-9801150.00980.001000.001250.001255.001950.001850.00920.0032.00154373601on demand 
Systec HX-11801345.001180.001000.001500.001255.002200.001850.00990.0032.00154373611on demand 
Systec HX-13801541.001380.001000.001750.001255.002450.001850.001050.0032.00154373621on demand 
Systec HX-15801735.001580.001000.002000.001255.002700.001850.001110.0032.00154373631on demand 
Systec autoclaves are delivered ready for subsequent installation of all options.
Further options and special programmes as well as baskets and inserts, transport and loading systems on request.
Validation tests of laboratory devices / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM

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