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Transwell® PC Membrane Inserts

These Transwell® inserts feature a thin, translucent PC membrane available in 6 pore sizes ranging from 0.4 to 8.0 µm. All are treated for optimal cell attachment. They are supplied sterile and come preloaded in multiple well plates or dishes. The PC membrane is compatible with most organic fixatives and stains. All plates come with lids.
Produktausführung:insert system
Transwell® PC Membrane Inserts  Corning®
Transwell® PC Membrane Inserts  Corning®
Transwell® PC Membrane Inserts  Corning®
PorengrößeAnzahl WellsØ MembranWachstumsfläche [cµ²]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.4012 well12.001.1048CORN34011422.73Order
3.0012 well12.001.1048CORN34021422.73Order
0.406 well24.004.5024CORN34121245.99Order
0.4024 well6.500.3048CORN34131410.58Order
3.006 well24.004.5024CORN34141245.99Order
3.0024 well6.500.3048CORN34151410.58Order
3.001 well75.0044.0012CORN34201677.88Order
5.0024 well6.500.3048CORN34211422.12Order
8.0024 well6.500.3048CORN34221422.12Order
8.006 well24.004.5024CORN34281236.15Order

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