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Transwell®-Clear PET Membrane Inserts

Transwell®-Clear inserts feature a thin, microscopically transparent PET membrane that is tissue culture treated for optimal cell attachment and growth. Transwell®-Clear inserts provide excellent cell visibility under phase contrast microscopy and allow assessment of cell viability and monolayer formation. Transwell®-Clear inserts are available sterile and preloaded in 6, 12 and 24 multiple well plates. All plates come with lids.
Produktausführung:insert system
Transwell®-Clear PET Membrane Inserts  Corning®
PorengrößeAnzahl WellsØ MembranWachstumsfläche [cμ²]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.406 well24.004.5024CORN34501226.37Order
3.006 well24.004.5024CORN34521226.37Order
0.4012 well12.001.1048CORN34601391.45Order
3.0012 well12.001.1048CORN34621391.45Order
0.4024 well6.500.3048CORN34701391.45Order
3.0024 well6.500.3048CORN34721391.45Order

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