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Compressor-Cooled Incubators ICPeco / ICP

Ideal at temperatures around zero and below. If rapid and precise alternation between heating up and cooling down times in ramp operation is required, cooled incubators with compressor cooling prove to be in peak form - yet still work extraordinarily quiet.

Completely enclosed working chamber: cooling and heating units are situated outside the working chamber inside the air jacket temperature control system surrounding the entire chamber interior ensuring quick and precise temperature control. The motor-driven forced air circulation, adjustable in 10 % steps via the ControlCOCKPIT ensures optimum temperature distribution.
  • Integrated energy saving function: no continuous heating against cooling, an intelligent DEFROST function enables defrosting as required.
  • Acc. to 12880:2007-05, EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1), 61010-2-010.

AtmoCONTROL - control and logging software
For direct setting parameters as well as process time. Fast and easy programming of complex processes via AtmoCONTROL by means of the mouse or touchpad on the notebook.
  • Reading out, managing and organising the data logger.
  • Saving the log memory in various formats.
  • Online monitoring of up to 32 connected appliances.
  • Optical alarms when the alarm limits individually set at the ControlCOCKPIT are exceeded.
  • Automatic alarm to one or several e-mail addresses.
Technical Data:
Working temperature range (not suitable for long-term storing at sub-zero temperatures. During permanent operation, the glass door may ice over):- 12 to + 60 °C
Setting temperature range:- 12 to + 60 °C
Accuracy:0.1 °C
Min. Arbeitstemperatur:-12.00 °C
Max. Arbeitstemperatur:60.00 °C
Compressor-Cooled Incubators ICPeco / ICP  Memmert
TypeVolumenInnenbreiteInnentiefeInnenhöheOuter width [mm]Outer depth [mm]Outer height [mm]Korbbeladung max.PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Further options such as a chamber modification for reinforced perforated st. steel shelves / grids or entry ports are available on request. Extra equipment has to be stated with the order directly.
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