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Analytik Jena 
Compact Stand-Alone Gel Documentation Systems UVsolo / UVsolo 2
Analytik Jena

Compact stand-alone gel documentation systems, consisting of:
  • Digital B/W, 1/2" CCD camera (1280 x 1024, H x V, active pixels) with light-sensititve manual zoom lens 8 to 48 mm, F1,2, bandpass filter for ethidium bromide stains, close-up lens +2.
  • Compact darkhood with 8" colour LCD touch screen with tilt capability, built-in network card, USB port for USB stick, filter drawer, LED white-light from above, gel viewing window in front door, 2 side-access doors for preparative work without opening the front door, safety switch shuts off UV light when opening the front door, UV override switch for preparative work with open front door.
  • UV transilluminator alternatively with filter size 20 x 20 cm or 25 x 26 cm, 312 nm, with intensity switch High, Medium, Low.
  • Self-explanatory image acquisition software with buttons for live image, freeze, save, print and acquisition time. Touch screen operation with fingers or included stylus.
  • File formats: tif (8 / 16 bit), jpg, gif.
  • Incl. USB stick.
  • USB 2.0 port for optional printer, e. g. digital thermal printer Mitsubishi P95DE.
  • Dimensions incl. camera (H x W x D): 78.0 x 36.1 x 33.8 cm.
Compact Stand-Alone Gel Documentation Systems UVsolo / UVsolo 2  Analytik Jena
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
UVsolo dark hood with camera, UV transilluminiatorwith 20 x 20 cm UV table1543142218,291.25Order
UVsolo 2 dark hood with camera, UV transilluminiatorwith 25 x 26 cm UV table154314231on demand 
P95DE thermal printer Mitsubishi for BDA units for fel documentation / Analytik Jena
SYBR filters for gel documentation system UVsolo / Analytik Jena

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