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Analytik Jena 
Semi Dry Blotter Units
Analytik Jena

For fast and effective transfer of proteins from gels to blotting membranes.
  • Bio-inert system with resistent special carbon electrodes.
  • Low buffer consumption.
  • Special lid construction increases working safety and avoids confusion in the alignment of the electrical field.
  • No additional screw connections needed.
  • Complete system with electrodes and manual.
  • Optionally with flow-through cooling for a fast transfer of large or temperature sensitive proteins.
Gel width:16.00 [cm]
Gel length:20.00 [cm]
Semi Dry Blotter Units  Analytik Jena
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Semi dry blotter with flow-through cooling154314121on demand 
Semi dry blotter without cooling154314131on demand 
Blotting papers / Cytiva

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