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EasYFlask Cell Culture Flasks, NunclonΔ / Collagen I / Poly-D-Lysine Surface

Cell culture flasks available with NunclonΔ modified surface (culture areas of 25 to 225 cm2) or Collagen I and Poly-D-Lysine coated (culture areas up to 175 cm2).

Choose cap: filter caps for continuous venting or vent / close caps. Ergonomic closure enables opening and closing with 1/3 turn and 'Y'-mark allows visual verification of vent position, even when stacked. Angled, wide neck gives easy access to entire growth surface. Graduations are both printed and molded on the side walls.

Certified non-pyrogenic and tested for both monolayer formation and cloning efficiency employing primary cells as well as repeating cell lines.
  • Sterile.
  • Neck angled.
  • Material flasks: PS.
  • Material caps: PEHD.
EasYFlask™ Cell Culture Flasks, Nunclon™ Δ / Collagen I / Poly-D-Lysine Surface  Nunc
TypeCulture surface cm2BeschreibungSuggested working volume mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
NunclonD surface25filter720054304291197.00Order
NunclonD surface25vent / close720054304301195.00Order
NunclonD surface75filter2510054304311166.00Order
NunclonD surface75vent / close2510054304321160.00Order
NunclonD surface175filter55305430433188.80Order
NunclonD surface175vent / close55305430434187.50Order
NunclonD surface225filter703054304351187.00Order
NunclonD surface225vent / close703054304361157.00Order
Collagen I surface25filter76054304371716.00Order
Collagen I surface75filter253054304381506.00Order
Collagen I surface175filter5530543043911,062.00Order
Poly-D-Lysine surface25filter76054304401726.00Order
Poly-D-Lysine surface75filter253054304411506.00Order
Poly-D-Lysine surface175filter5530543044211,062.00Order

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