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Lab-Tek and Lab-Tek II Chambered Cover Glasses

Excellent for confocal image analysis and optimal for high power inverted microscopic viewing.
  • Sterile.
  • CE marked.
  • Material chamber: PS.
  • Material slide: glass.

Sealant: non-toxic medical grade silicone.

Lab-Tek II:
Sealent: biocompatible acrylic adhesive.
Lab-Tek™ and Lab-Tek™ II Chambered Cover Glasses  Nunc
TypeNumber of chambersSuggested working volume mlCulture surface cm2PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Lab-Tek12.2 to 4.59.496543042111,226.00Order
Lab-Tek21.2 to 2.04.296543042211,226.00Order
Lab-Tek40.5 to 0.91.896543042311,226.00Order
Lab-Tek II12.0 to 4.58.696543042511,636.00Order
Lab-Tek II21.0 to 2.04.096543042611,652.00Order
Lab-Tek II40.5 to 1.01.796543042711,682.00Order
8 chamber versions are available on request.

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