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Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System

Chamber slides eliminate the need for cell transfer prior to visualisation / staining. Upper structure can be removed when culturing is complete. Useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies, toxicity tests and immunocytology.
  • Sealant: non-toxic medical grade silicone.
  • Sterile.
  • CE marked.
  • Material chamber: PS.
Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide™ System  Nunc
Anzahl KammernMaterial slideSuggested working volume mlCulture area / well cm2PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
1glass2.5 to 4.59.496543038311,046.00Order
2glass1.2 to 2.04.296543038411,074.00Order
8glass0.2 to 0.40.896543038611,054.00Order
16glass0.1 to 0.20.496543038711,122.00Order
1Permanox2.5 to 4.59.496543038811,250.00Order
2Permanox1.2 to 2.04.296543038911,234.00Order
4Permanox0.5 to 0.91.896543039011,238.00Order
8Permanox0.2 to 0.40.896543039111,236.00Order

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