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Heinz Herenz 
Counting Chambers

Incl. 2 cover glasses. Without spring clips, double ruling, with CE-mark (acc. to IVD-Directives).
Counting Chambers  Herenz
ZählkammerntypDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Neubauer improvedCounting chamber Neubauer improved15430325131.34Order
Fuchs-RosenthalCounting chamber Bürker15430327131.34Order
NeubauerCounting chamber Neubauer15435293131.34Order
Neubauer improvedCounting chamber Neubauer improved, Brightline (rhodium mirrored base)154303281on demand 
ThomaCounting chamber Thoma15435294131.34Order
ThomaCounting chamber Thoma15430326131.34Order
Fuchs-RosenthalCounting chamber Fuchs-Rosenthal15435295135.22Order

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