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Vivacon® 500 PCR Grade

When using DNA amplification technologies, any traces of DNA originating from the equipment have to be eliminated. Vivacon® 500 PCR Grade units are treated with ethylene oxide (ETO) in a validated process in order to deactivate all traces of DNA that might interfere with subsequent amplification procedures.
Technical Data:
Volume:0.5 ml
Active membrane area:0.32 cm2
Dead stop volume:5 µl
Max. Volumen:0.50 ml
Membrane:no indication
Vivacon® 500 PCR Grade  Sartorius
Vivacon® 500 PCR Grade  Sartorius
Vivacon® 500 PCR Grade  Sartorius
TypeMax. MWCO [kD]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Vivacon 50030.00154302681on demand 
Vivacon 50030.0010054302691536.00Order
Vivacon 50030.00500543027012,430.00Order
Vivacon 500100.00154302711on demand 
Vivacon 500100.0010054302721536.00Order
Vivacon 500100.0050054302731on demand 

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