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Products for CombiPlum Dispenser

Cream soap Nature:
For frequent hand washing. Mild and gentle. Without colour and perfume. 1.0 l PE-bag.

Disinfector 85 % gel:
Disinfection gel with reconditioner. For removal of bacteria and viruses from the hands in connection with patient care in hospitals etc. 1000 ml PE-bag.

Cream soap Fresh:
Mild and skin-friendly, pearly cream soap. With fresh and pleasant fragrance. For normal, daily hand washing.
Products for CombiPlum Dispenser  PLUM
TypeCapacity lPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Cream soap Nature1.01543010917.24Order
Cream soap Fresh1.01544350217.82Order
Disinfector 85% - PE-bag1,0154454841on demand 

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