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Photometers MD 600 / MD 610

Modern, mobile photometer for rapid, reliable water testing.

With more than 120 pre-programmed parameters from aluminium to zinc, this photometer covers all important parameters of water analysis. Furthermore 35 user defined methods can be stored. The high level of accuracy of AQUALYTIC® reagents and the user-friendly nature of the instrument guarantees rapid and reliable analysis of water samples.

The MD 600 operates with 6 interference filters and uses long-life LCDs as light source. No moving parts are involved. With memory in which up to 1000 data sets can be stored. Test methods are regularly updated to suit market requirements. Updates for new methods and additional languages can be found online.

Beside concentration, additional user-polynomials can be stored. The infrared interface enables data to be transmitted to a computer or printer. Instrument comes ready-to-use in a sturdy case incl. batteries, cells and accessories. Reagents are not incl. and have to be ordered separately acc. to requirements.
  • MD 600: IR interface for test data transfer (IRIM needed, optionally available), RJ45 socket for internet updates (cable optionally available).
  • MD 610: Bluetooth® 4.0, 500 data sets.
Technical Data:
Optics:LEDs, interference filters and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber
Wavelength range:430, 530, 560, 580, 610, 660 nm (± 1 nm accuracy)
Photometric accuracy:2 % FS Full Scale (T = 20 to 25 °C), tested with standard solutions
Photometric resolution:0.0005 A
Operation:acid- and solvent resistant, touch-sensitive keypad with audible feedback via integrated beeper
Mains supply:4 batteries (Mignon AA / LR6), operation time approx. 26 h continuous operation or 3500 tests
Auto off:approx. 20 min after last keypress with audible signal
Weight:approx. 450 g
Ambient conditions:5 to 40 °C at max. 30 to 90 % rel. humidity
Memory capacity:approx. 1000 data sets for AL400, 500 data sets for AL410
Display:backlit display
Photometers MD 600 / MD 610  Lovibond®
Photometers MD 600 / MD 610  Lovibond®
Photometers MD 600 / MD 610  Lovibond®
Photometers MD 600 / MD 610  Lovibond®
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Photometer MD 6001542939611,184.70Order
Verification standard kit154346681184.90Order
Photometer MD 6101543966011,184.70Order

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