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Beakers with Embossed Scale, Low Form

ISO 7056. With graduation, beaded rim and spout. Cleaning at temperatures below 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions. For autoclaving (121 °C), beakers with an embossed scale should be selected.
PP:high clarity
Beakers with Embossed Scale, Low Form  BRAND
VolumenTeilungHöheHöheMaterialPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
25.005.0050.0038.00PMP154282061on demand 
50.0010.0060.0047.00PMP154282071on demand 
100.0010.0070.0055.00PMP154282081on demand 
150.0020.0080.0066.00PMP154366811on demand 
250.0025.0095.0077.00PMP154282091on demand 
400.0050.00112.0087.00PMP154282101on demand 
1000.00100.00147.00120.00PMP154282131on demand 
2000.00200.00187.00149.00PMP154282141on demand 
25.005.0050.0038.00PP154282171on demand 
50.0010.0060.0047.00PP154282181on demand 
100.0010.0070.0055.00PP154282191on demand 
150.0020.0080.0066.00PP154366821on demand 
250.0025.0095.0077.00PP154282201on demand 
1000.00100.00147.00120.00PP154282241on demand 
2000.00200.00187.00149.00PP154282251on demand 
3000.00250.00212.00170.00PP154282261on demand 
5000.00500.00247.00203.00PP154282271on demand 
* In addition to ISO 7056.

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