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Surface Disinfecting Detergents Pursept®-A Xpress

Refillable pump-atomiser without gas. Pleasant, fresh fragrance. Effective in only 15 s. DGHM / VAH tested and RKI-compliant, with aerosol-free application (disinfectant wipes). Free from aldehydes.

100 g Pursept®-A Xpress contain: 55 g ethanol, 0.03 g n-alkyl-aminopropyl-glycine, auxiliary agents.

Chemical and physical specifications:
  • Clear, colourless liquid.
  • Density: approx. 0.9 g / ml.
  • pH value: approx. 7.5.

Microbiological efficiency of the undiluted working solution:
  • Surface disinfection: bacteria and fungi with little organic burden with mechanics acc. to DGHM / VAH directives: 15 s.
  • Limited virucidal efficacy* (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV): 15 s.
  • Effectiveness against TbB: 30 s.
Surface Disinfecting Detergents Pursept®-A Xpress  BRAND
TypeInhalt mlAusführungZur Reinigung vonPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Bottle**1000.00liquid concentratesurfaces1054281131246.502Order
Canister5000.00liquid concentratesurfaces154281151104.202Order
Atomiser head for 1 l bottle no indicationno indication15428114116.20Order
2: plus additional transport cost
* As recommended by the RKI, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 01/2004.

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