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Wireless Safety Laboratory Gas Burner Fuego SCS basic RF

Wireless and safe flame sterilisation! The Fuego Wireless Series RF enables reliable foot pedal operation without disturbing cable.The specially developed safety protocol of the RF-Series ensures reliable radio communication between foot pedal and laboratory gas burner. Moreover, the power-saving RF technology offers maximum battery life for the battery operated foot pedal.

Fuego SCS basic RF is the complete system for wireless foot pedal operation.
  • Gas burner details see Fuego SCS basic.
Technical data:
Range:2 to 5 m
Frequency:2.4 GHz
Battery foot pedal:2 x AA (Mignon), included in delivery
Warranty:2 years
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Fuego SCS basic RFwith integrated radio system and foot pedal (st. steel)15018765-0011on demand 
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