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Mini-UniPrep™ Pre-Assembled Filtration Devices

Syringeless filters consisting of a 0.4 ml capacity chamber and a plunger. The plunger contains a filtration membrane at one end and a pre-attached cap / septum at the other. The plunger is pressed through the sample in the outer chamber and positive pressure forces the filtrate into the reservoir of the plunger. Air escapes through the vent hole until the locking ring is engaged providing an air-tight seal. Within seconds the Mini-UniPrep™ can be placed into any approved autosampler for injection into your instrument.The device can be used either manually or with a compressor unit. The multi-compressor can process up to 6 samples at one time, further improving sample processing time and reducing the risk of hand stress. The Mini-UniPrep™ device is designed to fit into any autosampler accommodating 12 x 32 mm vials. Alternatively the septum can be pierced with a needle and the sample drawn off for manual injection into an analyser.- Amber colourant prevents photodegradation of light sensitive samples (e. g. catecholamines, vitamins). Same colourant used in pharmaceutical containers designed to meet USP specifications for light resistance. Translucent amber chamber and plunger enable easy visual inspection.- Slit septum cap enables Mini-UniPrep™ use with current robotics on HPLC instruments for high throughput automation. Durable yet flexible slit septum cap has been specially designed for instruments with sensitive sampling needs. Sample evaporation is minimal.Applications:- Routine HPLC analysis.- Composite assays.- Content uniformity.- Protein precipitation.- Solubility testing.- Dissolution testing.- Sample filtration.
Mini-UniPrep™ filtering media:
Glass microfibre (GMF) for:high particulate laden liquids
Nylon (NYL) for:aqueous / organic samples in 3 to 10 pH range
Polypropylene (PP) for:general filtration media / solvent based samples
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for:chemically aggressive solutions
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for:aqueous / organic solvents, low non-specific protein binding media
Polypropylene depth filter (dpPP) for:aqueous / organic solvents, high flow and loading capacity
Regenerated cellulose (RC) for:biological samples requiring low protein binding media
Technical Data:
Dimensions:equivalent in size to 12 x 32 mm vials
Housing and cap:PP
Septa:PTFE coated silicone rubber
Filtering capacity:0.4 ml
Nominal force needed to compress:approx. 8.2 kg
Max. operating temperature:50 °C
Mini-UniPrep™ Pre-Assembled Filtration Devices  Cytiva
Mini-UniPrep™ Pre-Assembled Filtration Devices  Cytiva
Mini-UniPrep™ Pre-Assembled Filtration Devices  Cytiva
TypeMaterialPorengrößeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.20standard cap, translucent housing10060682021257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480001257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000504800112,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PVDF0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480021257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PVDF0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000504800312,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PP0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480041257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PP0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000504800512,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.20standard cap, translucent housing10050480061257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480071257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000504800812,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"DpPP0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480091257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"glass fibre0.45standard cap, translucent housing10050480101257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"[_2/2_]0.20standard cap, translucent housing10054276251257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"[_2/2_]0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000542762712,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"[_2/2_]0.45standard cap, translucent housing10054276261257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"[_2/2_]0.45standard cap, translucent housing1000542762812,335.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PES2.00standard cap, translucent housing10060681331257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PES0.45standard cap, translucent housing10054900781257.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.20slit septa, translucent housing10050480111263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.45slit septa, translucent housing10050480121263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PVDF0.20slit septa, translucent housing10050480131263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.20slit septa, translucent housing10050480141263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.20slit septa, translucent housing10050480151263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"nylon0.20standard cap, amber housing10050480161263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PVDF0.45standard cap, amber housing10050480171263.00Order
Mini-UniPrep"PTFE0.45standard cap, amber housing10050480181282.00Order
Compressor for 6 samples[_2/0_]  150480201on demand 

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