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Flow-Through Cells
Hellma® Analytics

For photometry and spectrophotometry. AL-holder with 2 screw connectors M6x1 and FEP tubings outside Ø 1.9 mm, inside Ø 1.1 mm, 500 mm long.
Technical Data:
Window material:quartz glass high perfrormance
Transmission range:200 to 2500 nm
Outside height:35 mm
Width:12.5 mm
Wavelength min.:200 [nm]
Wavelength max.:2500 [nm]
Material:no indication
Flow-Through Cells  Hellma® Analytics
TypeMax. filling volume [µl]Light path mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Makro - 170.700-QS6.200,1154327031779.00Order
Makro - 170.700-QS12.400,2154327041779.00Order
Makro - 170.700-QS31.000,5154327051779.00Order
Makro - 170.700-QS62.001154327061578.00Order
Makro - 170.700-QS124.002154327091578.00Order
Other light path and materials are available.

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