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Heratherm™ Microbiological Incubators
Thermo Scientific

Heratherm™ microbiological incubators are available in 4 different models, providing 3 different incubator airflow technologies in a choice of 6 sizes.
  • Safe view of samples through internal glass door, without impact on temperature.
  • Safe conditions with superior temperature uniformity.
  • Safe containment with automatic alarm for temperature deviations.
  • Easy temperature setting with intuitive user interface.
  • Easy-to-remove shelf system.
  • Easy-to-clean interior with rounded corners.
  • Easy-to-read large display.
  • Efficient small footprint to optimise benchtop space.
  • Conveniently stackable without the need for tools or stacking kits.
  • Efficient utilisation of interior with flexible shelf system.

Heratherm Compact:
The most compact unit of the Heratherm™ microbiological incubator family has an 18 l capacity, ideal for personalised workspace.

Heratherm General Protocol:
Designed for routine applications in pharmaceutical, medical, food and research laboratories.

Heratherm Advanced Protocol:
Exceptional temperature performance for demanding applications.

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security:
Incorporates additional safety features for ultimate sample protection.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 V, 60 Hz
IMC18: 120 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Temperature range

17 to 40 °C
RT + 5 to 75 °C
RT + 5 bis 105 °C
TypeCategoryCapacity lBeschreibungPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
IMC18Compact18mechanical convection154269501735.00Order
IMC18Compact18mechanical convection, darkened front163700001790.00Order
IGS60General Protocol75gravity convection1542695111,330.00Order
IGS100General Protocol117gravity convection1542695211,877.00Order
IGS180General Protocol180gravity convection1542695312,613.00Order
IGS400General Protocol405gravity convection1543226914,492.00Order
IGS750General Protocol747gravity convection1543227016,146.00Order
IMH60Advanced Protocol60dual convection1542695412,054.00Order
IMH100Advanced Protocol100dual convection1542695512,735.00Order
IMH180Advanced Protocol180dual convection1542695613,910.00Order
IMH60-SAdvanced Protocol Security60dual convection1542695712,492.00Order
IMH100-SAdvanced Protocol Security100dual convection1542695813,150.00Order
IMH180-SAdvanced Protocol Security180dual convection1542695914,364.00Order
IMH400-SAdvanced Protocol Security381mechanical convection1543227115,615.00Order
IMH750-SAdvanced Protocol Security702mechanical convection1543227217,093.00Order
IMH60 SSAdvanced Protocol60dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696012,254.00Order
IMH100 SSAdvanced Protocol100dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696112,979.00Order
IMH180 SSAdvanced Protocol180dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696214,193.00Order
IMH60-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security60dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696312,661.00Order
IMH100-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security100dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696413,398.00Order
IMH180-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security180dual convection, st. steel exterior1542696514,680.00Order
IMH400-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security381mechanical convection, st. steel exterior1543239216,324.00Order
IMH750-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security702mechanical convection, st. steel exterior1543239318,055.00Order
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