Thermo Scientific / Menzel-Gläser
Cover Slips

Menzel cover slips are made of D 263 M by Schott AG, which is a colourless borosilicate glass. Due to its composition, it shows an excellent resistance to chemical attack.
  • Hydrolytic No. 1, accurate cutting, free of flaws and blisters.
  • Thickness No. 1 (0.13 to 0.16 mm).
Thermo Scientific / Menzel-Gläser  Cover Slips
Size mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
15 x 15200516101513.25Order
18 x 18200516101812.82Order
20 x 20200516102013.82Order
21 x 26100516102112.70Order
22 x 22200516102214.19Order
22 x 50151610281on demand 
24 x 24200516102415.22Order
24 x 32100516103213.43Order
24 x 3610005428947140.52Order
24 x 40100516104014.17Order
24 x 48100516104116.14Order
24 x 50151610501on demand 
24 x 60100516106015.54Order
25 x 60100516105917.55Order
Special sizes and thicknesses are available on request.