Hellma® Analytics
Ultra-Micro Cells

For photometry and spectrophotometry.
Height:40 / 45 mm
Width:12.5 mm
Light path:10 mm
Window material:quartz Suprasil
Transmission range:200 to 2500 nm
Hellma® Analytics  Ultra-Micro Cells
Hellma® Analytics  Ultra-Micro CellsHellma® Analytics  Ultra-Micro Cells    
TypeClosureCentre height mmAperture mmChamber volume μlFilling volume max.PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
105.201-QSPE stopper8.55 x 2100120154326421258.00Order
105.201-QSPE stopper155 x 2100120154326411on demand 
105.203-QSPE stopper8.5Ø 2,55070154326381on demand 
105.203-QSPE stopper15Ø 2,55070154326371on demand 
105.210-QSpipette tips8.5Ø 0,8510154326361457.00Order
105.210-QSpipette tips15Ø 0,8510154326351457.00Order
Other light path and materials are available.