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DURAN® Watch Glass Dishes
DWK Life Sciences

The concave shape of the watch glass shell enables working in very small quantities (e. g. pre-tests) as well as covering laboratory glassware with wide openings.
  • Reduced risk of injury due to fused edge.
  • DIN 12 341.
  • With fused edges.
  • Autoclavable.
DURAN® Watch Glass Dishes  DWK Life Sciences
MaterialHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
soda-lime glass40.00105263004118.70Order
soda-lime glass50.00105263005118.70Order
soda-lime glass60.00105263006121.50Order
soda-lime glass70.00105263007122.80Order
soda-lime glass80.00105263008123.70Order
soda-lime glass90.00105263009125.20Order
soda-lime glass100.00105263010127.60Order
soda-lime glass120.001526301315.65Order
soda-lime glass125.001526301214.18Order
soda-lime glass150.001526301515.21Order
soda-lime glass200.001526302015.52Order
soda-lime glass250.001526302519.93Order
borosilicate glass 3.340.00105263424181.10Order
borosilicate glass 3.350.00105263432189.10Order
borosilicate glass 3.360.00105263434196.70Order
borosilicate glass 3.380.001052634411105.80Order
borosilicate glass 3.3100.001052634461120.80Order
borosilicate glass 3.3125.0015263452113.16Order
borosilicate glass 3.3150.0015263457116.81Order
borosilicate glass 3.3200.0015263461125.38Order
borosilicate glass 3.3250.0015263466145.69Order

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