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twin.tec® PCR Plates 96, Skirted

Eppendorf's certified purity standard - 'PCR clean' - guarantees that the product is free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors.

General product features:
  • One-piece design: combining PC and PP for optimum performance.
  • Increased plane parallelism.
  • Extraordinary stiffness and torque resistance.
  • Improved well-to-well tolerance.
  • Extremely thin-walled for optimum heat transfer into the sample.
  • Cut-away corner and alphanumeric grid-referencing.
  • Raised well rims for effective sealing and reduced cross-contamination risk.
  • Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min).
twin.tec® PCR plate 96, skirted:
  • Minimal bending of skirts.
  • Skirt for compatibility with automated systems.
  • Skirts for imprinting and barcode identification.
  • Fits most thermal cyclers and the MegaBACE capillary sequencer.
  • Within SBS footprint recommendations (127.76 ± 0.25 mm x 85.47 ± 0.25 mm).
  • Stackable.
  • 8 holes in the skirt aid plate positioning and removal from the thermal cycler block.
  • Low profile design for enhanced efficiency of PCR and enables the highest efficiency for small sample volumes.
  • 150 µl max. well volume (when used with cap strips).

twin.tec® microbiology PCR plates:
  • Sterile, separately blister packed.
  • Certified PCR clean.
  • Additionally free from bacterial DNA.
Anzahl Wells96 well
twin.tec® PCR Plates 96, Skirted  Eppendorf
TypeColourPurity gradeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
twin.tec PCR plate 96colourlessPCR clean 2553910001on demand 
twin.tec PCR plate 96yellowPCR clean 2553910011on demand 
twin.tec PCR plate 96greenPCR clean 2553910021on demand 
twin.tec PCR plate 96bluePCR clean 2553910031134.00Order
twin.tec PCR plate 96redPCR clean 2553910041on demand 
twin.tec PCR plate 96colourlessForensic DNA Grade 1054445571on demand 
Microbiology PCR plate 96colourlessPCR clean 105425909180.30Order
Microbiology PCR plate 96bluePCR clean 105425910180.30Order
twin.tec PCR plate 96 no indicationwith barcode2554223101166.00Order

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