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DURAN® Silicone Rubber Seal (Septa) VMQ
DWK Life Sciences

High-purity PTFE-coated silicone septum.
  • Soft silicone rubber for easy needle piercing and resealability.
  • Made from high-purity, platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber and high-quality PTFE film to reduce the risk of solvent contamination.
  • The silicone is coated with highly resistant PTFE to protect the silicone from chemical attack by the solvents.
  • For piercing (Septa).
  • Thermal resistance + 130 °C (steam) and + 200 °C (heat).
  • For plastic screw-caps with aperture.
DURAN® Silicone Rubber Seal (Septa) VMQ  DWK Life Sciences
TypeHöheGewindeThickness [mm]TypeØ mmThread GLThickness mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
212.00without2.00 12GL 142205209414116.40Order
216.00GL 182.00 16GL 1821520941810.94Order
222.00GL 252.00 22GL 252105209425114.00Order
229.00GL 402.00 29GL 3221520943211.50Order
342.00GL 453.00 42GL 45310052094351447.00Order
  GL 45 Screw cap GL 45 with two hose connections and EPDM O-ring sealing GL 45 15438644-0011on demand 

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