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DURAN® Silicone Rubber Seal (Septa) VMQ
DWK Life Sciences

High-purity PTFE-coated silicone septum.
  • Soft silicone rubber for easy needle piercing and resealability.
  • Made from high-purity, platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber and high-quality PTFE film to reduce the risk of solvent contamination.
  • The silicone is coated with highly resistant PTFE to protect the silicone from chemical attack by the solvents.
  • For piercing (Septa).
  • Thermal resistance + 130 °C (steam) and + 200 °C (heat).
  • For plastic screw-caps with aperture.
DURAN® Silicone Rubber Seal (Septa) VMQ  DWK Life Sciences
For DINthread GLØ mmThickness mmDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
14122 205209414113.60Order
18162 1520941810.71Order
25222 105209425110.60Order
32292 1520943211.13Order
45423 105209435133.70Order
   Screw cap GL 45 with two hose connections and EPDM O-ring sealing15438644-0011on demand 

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