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Silicone Rubber Sealing Rings
DWK Life Sciences

With bonded PTFE-face. Thermal resistance + 130 °C (steam) and + 200 °C (heat).
For plastic screw-caps with aperture.
Silicone Rubber Sealing Rings  DWK Life Sciences
TypeHöheGewindeBore [mm]DescriptionØ mmThread GLBore-Ø mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
612.00without6.00for pipe Ø 5.5 to 6.512GL 1461520914613.79Order
616.00GL 186.00for pipe Ø 5.5 to 6.516GL 1861520918615.00Order
816.00GL 188.00for pipe Ø 7.5 to 9.016GL 1881520918814.36Order
1016.00GL 1810.00for pipe Ø 9.0 to 11.016GL 18101520919014.60Order
822.00GL 258.00for pipe Ø 7.5 to 9.022GL 2581520925817.03Order
1022.00GL 2510.00for pipe Ø 9.0 to 11.022GL 25101520926017.03Order
1222.00GL 2512.00for pipe Ø 11.0 to 13.022GL 25121520926217.03Order
1029.00GL 4010.00for pipe Ø 9.0 to 11.029GL 321015209320110.83Order
1229.00GL 4012.00for pipe Ø 11.0 to 13.029GL 321215209322110.70Order
1429.00GL 4014.00for pipe Ø 13.0 to 15.029GL 321415209324110.63Order
1629.00GL 4016.00for pipe Ø 15.0 to 17.029GL 32161520932619.90Order
1829.00GL 4018.00for pipe Ø 17.0 to 19.029GL 321815209327110.03Order
2642.00GL 4526.00for pipe Ø 25.0 to 27.042GL 452615209329118.29Order
3242.00GL 4532.00for pipe Ø 31.0 to 33.042GL 453215209331117.20Order

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