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C3 Advance Autoclaves

C3 Advance Autoclaves are very lightweight and have a rigid frame for max. endurance and reliability. They feature a single use water system: removing debris every cycle, thus reducing wear and tear on instruments. Superior quality. The autoclaves can be used with either a data logger or printer for easy, recordable data capture which is essential for compliance.
  • Small footprint.
  • Large 16 or 22 l 6 tray chamber to match all application demands.
  • Quiet, touch button operation and wide choice of cycles for max. efficiency and ease of use.
  • Optional silent printer, data logger or PC link cycle recording flexibility.
  • Compact design will fit on narrow work surfaces.
  • Class B autoclave complies with BSEN13060.
  • Fast vacuum cycles allow for less time to wait for instruments.
  • Vacuum models are fully compliant to HTM 01-05 best practice guidelines and also have a non vacuum cycle.
  • The unit carries a 2 year, unlimited usage parts warranty, 10 years warranty for boiler-heating element and pressure chamber.

Vacuum autoclave Type B:
The Type B vacuum autoclave is designed for the sterilisation of linen, wrapped, hollow or solid items. The vacuum unit has a pump removing the air inside the chamber. The vacuum cycles operates as a triple fractionated pulse where the air is removed 3 times before the steam injection. This process ensures perfect sterilisation every time. Sterilisation time at 134 °C for 3.5 or 18 min.

Non-vacuum autoclave Type N:
The Type N non-vacuum autoclave is designed for the sterilisation of solid instruments only. The air inside the chamber is removed by thermodynamic air displacement, the steam produced by the boiler pushes the air out of the chamber thoroughly sterilising the instruments. Sterilisation time at 134 °C for 3.5 min or 121 °C for 15.5 min.
Technical Data:
Chamber Ø:250 mm
Operating pressure:2.05 bar
Tray capacity:6
Mains supply:230 V / 2200 W, 50 to 60 Hz
Standards / guidelines:Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89/336/EEC), BS EN13060:2004, pressure vessel to ASME section VIII, BS EN 61010 parts 1 & 2, HTM20/10, HTM20/31, ISO 13485:1996, ISO 9001:2000
Chamber length:16 l: 330 mm
22 l: 430 mm
Kammerinnendurchmesser250.00 [mm]
Breite480.00 mm
Tiefe410.00 mm
C3 Advance Autoclaves  Kleinfeld
C3 Advance Autoclaves  Kleinfeld
C3 Advance Autoclaves  Kleinfeld
TypeklappbarHöheGewichtDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Type B16.00440.0035.00vacuum154256701on demand 
Type B16.00440.0035.00direct osmose water supply154256711on demand 
Type B22.00610.0037.00vacuum154256721on demand 
Type B22.00610.0037.00direct osmose water supply154256731on demand 
Type N16.00440.0035.00non-vacuum154256741on demand 
Type N22.00610.0037.00non-vacuum154256751on demand 
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