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DURAN® Crystallising Dishes
DWK Life Sciences

The flat shape as well as the flat bottom of the crystallisation bowl allow a uniform evaporation of solvents and thus the crystallisation of solids from solutions and suspensions.
  • Flat and wide shape allow quick and even evaporation of solvents.
  • Large footprint.
  • Precise spout for clean work.
  • Acc. to DIN 12 338 and 12 337.
  • With or without spout.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
Versioncrystallising dish
DURAN® Crystallising Dishes  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Crystallising Dishes  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Crystallising Dishes  DWK Life Sciences
MaterialVolumenHöheDiameterSpoutPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
DURAN\'ae glass20.0025.0040.00yes1514402416.90Order
DURAN\'ae glass40.0030.0050.00yes1514403216.95Order
DURAN\'ae glass60.0035.0060.00yes1514403417.21Order
DURAN\'ae glass100.0040.0070.00yes1514403818.03Order
DURAN\'ae glass150.0045.0080.00yes1514404118.85Order
DURAN\'ae glass300.0055.0095.00yes1514404419.41Order
DURAN\'ae glass500.0065.00115.00yes15144049114.13Order
DURAN\'ae glass900.0075.00140.00yes15144054120.57Order
DURAN\'ae glass2000.0090.00190.00yes15144059152.73Order
DURAN\'ae glass3500.00100.00230.00yes15144063176.79Order
DURAN\'ae glass20.0025.0040.00no107021081169.00Order
DURAN\'ae glass40.0030.0050.00no107021082169.50Order
DURAN\'ae glass60.0035.0060.00no107021083172.10Order
DURAN\'ae glass100.0040.0070.00no107021084180.30Order
DURAN\'ae glass150.0045.0080.00no107021085188.50Order
DURAN\'ae glass300.0055.0095.00no107021086194.10Order
DURAN\'ae glass500.0065.00115.00no1070210871141.30Order
DURAN\'ae glass900.0075.00140.00no1070210881205.70Order
DURAN\'ae glass2000.0090.00190.00no1070210891527.30Order
DURAN\'ae glass3500.00100.00230.00no1070210901767.90Order
Order No. 7021081 to 7021083 without imprint.

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