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DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread
DWK Life Sciences

  • Graduated.
  • Without cap and pouring ring.
  • ISO 4796-1.
  • With Retrace Code and Batch Certificate via Internet.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
  • Colours: clear or amber.
DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life Sciences
VolumenHöheHöheMaterialBottle threadColourClosurePUOrder No.CDC  Price/Unit/EUR 
10.0050.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clearwith1054333191 111.40Order
25.0074.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clearwith1050720031 90.60Order
50.0091.0046.00DURAN® clear glassGL 40clearwith1050720001 96.50Order
100.00105.0056.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1050720011 82.70Order
150.00110.0061.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1054253811 91.30Order
250.00143.0070.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1050720021 92.60Order
500.00181.0086.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1050720051 115.20Order
750.00203.0095.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1054253821 147.50Order
1000.00230.00101.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith1050720101 163.40Order
2000.00265.00136.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith150720071 38.43Order
3500.00295.00160.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith154253831 122.59Order
5000.00335.00182.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith150720081 171.90Order
10000.00415.00227.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith150720041 321.60Order
15000.00450.00268.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith154231691 402.37Order
20000.00510.00288.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwith150720091 688.73Order
10.0050.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clearwithout1054333181 86.00Order
25.0070.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clearwithout1050720131 67.00Order
50.0087.0046.00DURAN® clear glassGL 40clearwithout1050720201 67.00Order
100.00100.0056.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout1050720111 53.00Order
250.00138.0070.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout1050720121 63.50Order
500.00176.0086.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout1050720151 86.30Order
750.00203.0095.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout154253851 11.84Order
1000.00225.00101.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout150720161 13.44Order
2000.00260.00136.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout150720171 35.35Order
3500.00295.00160.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout154253861 121.92Order
5000.00330.00182.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout150720181 171.30Order
10000.00410.00227.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout150720191 318.66Order
15000.00445.00268.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout154231681 395.02Order
20000.00505.00288.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout150720141 681.40Order
10.0050.0036.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 25amberwithout1054333211 231.50Order
25.0070.0036.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 25amberwithout150719791 21.60Order
50.0087.0046.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 40amberwithout1050719801 216.00Order
100.00100.0056.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout1050719811 245.00Order
150.00110.0061.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout1054253871 318.00Order
250.00138.0070.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout1050719821 358.00Order
500.00176.0086.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout150719831 45.71Order
750.00203.0095.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout154253881 53.00Order
1000.00225.00101.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout150719841 58.98Order
2000.00260.00136.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout150719851 91.44Order
3500.00295.00160.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout154253891 204.10Order
5000.00330.00182.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout150719871 271.92Order
15000.00445.00268.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout154231641 512.51Order
10000.00410.00227.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout154231631 453.76Order
20000.00505.00288.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amberwithout154231651 806.22Order
150.00110.0061.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clearwithout1054253841 61.50Order
With 10 and 25 ml a pouring ring is not necessary.
For caps please see Order No. 5209125 to 5209135.
For pourings rings please see Order No. 5209081 to 5209083 or 5209086 to 5209088.
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