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Economy Bottles

Suitable for general purpose laboratory applications, lightweight, leakproof. Alternatively made of PEHD or PPCO, chemically compatible with a wide variety of lab reagents. Shatter-proof.

EPA-specified sample bottle material for a wide variety of inorganic compound and elemental analyses.

Economy Bottles  Nalgene®
Economy Bottles  Nalgene®
Economy Bottles  Nalgene®
TypeVolume mlClosure size [mm]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Narrow mouth, PPCO3020100054244781660.00Order
Narrow mouth, PPCO6020100054244791780.00Order
Narrow mouth, PPCO1252450054244801455.00Order
Narrow mouth, PPCO2502425054244811342.50Order
Narrow mouth, PPCO5002812554244821245.00Order
Narrow mouth, PPCO100038-4305054244831161.00Order
Wide mouth, PPCO3028100054244841680.00Order
Wide mouth, PPCO6028100054244851810.00Order
Wide mouth, PPCO1253850054244861515.00Order
Wide mouth, PPCO5005312554244881280.00Order
Wide mouth, PPCO1000635054244891163.00Order
Narrow mouth, PE-HD60201542449110.58Order
Narrow mouth, PE-HD125241542449210.64Order
Narrow mouth, PE-HD250241542449310.84Order
Narrow mouth, PE-HD500281542449411.22Order
Narrow mouth, PE-HD100038-4301542449511.94Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD30281542449610.58Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD60281542449710.62Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD125381542449810.67Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD250431542449910.96Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD500531542450011.58Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD1000631542450112.43Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD6028100051033411530.00Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD1253850051033421285.00Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD2504325051033431205.00Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD5005312551033441168.75Order
Wide mouth, PE-HD1000635051033451103.00Order
Further bulk packs and amber, light-protected versions are available on request.

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